Current Black beltsg

We have a number of black belts across the school.

Jnr – 2nd Dan under 17yrs

Teaching requirements:

Principal. Covers all lessons

2nd Dan covers a 30mins class per month

1st Dan is entitled to teach no more than 30mins every other month (kihon only)

  • J. Martin 4th Dan (principal)
  • R. Hemsley 2nd Dan
  • A. Shang 2nd Dan (Jnr)
  • P. Scott 1st Dan
  • D. Wilkinson 1st Dan
  • N. Tootle 1st Dan
  • S. Bayes 1st Dan
  • C. Farmer 1st Dan
  • J. Skidmore 1st Dan
  • B. Hoy 1st Dan
  • A. Malik 1st Dan
  • A. Knight 1st Dan
  • L. Knight 1st Dan


Those senior belts who left the school with a handshake and a hug.

  • L. Horne, 1st Dan
  • Billie Hoy 1st Dan
  • Finlay Strang 1st Dan
  • Louis Strang 1st Dan
  • F. Strang 1st Dan
  • F. Wishart, 3rd kyu
  • M. Cooke, 3rd kyu

(Students who leave without notification will not be permitted to rejoin)

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